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       How to Use a Hairstick


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Using a Hairstick Explained


Some have told me they don't know how to use a hairstick. Here is a description of how to use a hairstick.

First off, they work best on styles in which hair is twisted gathered or rolled.

This is how I do mine and it works the best for me.

Grab the hair with your hand in a pony tail at the back of your head. Twist the hair tightly in a counter clockwise direction. Get it as tight as possible. Make a loop (not a bun) on top and make sure the loose end is under the loop, then:

Grip the stick at its blunt end.

Insert the stick so that the tip and end are pointing to the top of your head, the opposite angle of their final position. Instead of sticking the stick into the twist, barely catch the roll or coil so that it collects about a 1-inch section of hair. Push the stick until the tip protrudes at least a fingertip in length.

Lift the stick like a lever, catching some scalp hair as you rotate it 180 degrees from the insertion point. Hook a small amount of the hair that's pulled flat against the head while pushing the stick through the hair and weaving it a little in the bottom twist of the hair near the scalp. If using a ribbon stick, twist the stick counter clockwise to insert - do not 'push' it in.

A lot of people tell me that even pens break when they try using them on their hair. Using this method, even those with very long and/or thick hair shouldn't have problems with any sticks breaking because there is not a lot of pressure on the sticks.

That is about it; insert a second stick if desired either in the same position or cross it under the first. Adding the second stick tightens the sticks and helps them hold the hair in place.

There are many variations and styles. One favorite of mine is to French braid my hair and then put the sticks in.

It does take practice to learn your hair and what works for you - the way to learn is practice, practice, practice! It took me quite some time to learn to keep my hair up and the sticks in. However, it is worth it in the end. Now even if I forget my sticks, I know I can use almost anything to hold my hair up.


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