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       About LinderCroft's Sticks and stuff


Hair Accessories


  • Hand rubbed oil

  • Clear Enamel

  • Unfinished

Book Press


A Cottage Craft


LinderCroft is a cottage based business. I, Linda Foley, am the owner/operator. I do most of the work, although my husband Jim cuts the blanks for me.

I use recycled wood, or wood from dead trees and twigs, although I do buy wood on occasion. Bone from antler or beef is also used at times. Nothing is deliberately destroyed to make my products. I take pride in my work ensuring the sticks are very good quality, smooth and satiny.

The sticks are primarily made with a belt sander, dremel and sandpaper, although occasionally I do whittle them completely without power tools.

There is a story behind LinderCroft's Sticks and Stuff. I was interested in starting a Cottage Craft to help fund my desire for a homesteading venture. The homestead never truly happened but I did find my niche - making hairsticks.

It started very simply. It was hot out but I hadn't brought anything to put my hair up, so I carved a crude stick to use and it worked. I was down at the river with lots of time to spare, so I whittled a nice one. I posted about it on a message forum. Several people commented about the quality and simplicity and asked me to make them a pair - a Cottage Craft was born. That was in 2007 and I have been making them ever since.

My original sticks were an oval shape. I now make ovals, tapers, and Ribbons with a few oddball ones thrown in!

Ribbon Sticks™ came about because I was asked if I could make a corkscrew, something like a Ketylo. I fiddled with it until I found something that worked. The surprising thing about them is they hold the hair very well and actually work better than the Ketylo! Because mine resemble a curled ribbon straightened a little, I named them Ribbon Sticks™. They work because the tip catches a little of the scalp hair, then a little of the bun hair and continues as it screws into the hair. The stick gets tighter as it is screwed in.

In the beginning I only used oil polish and beeswax. Now I use a clear enamel to help make them more water resistant. I am also making a few that have a hand rubbed oil finish.


I also make a book press that will bind books with the standard full sized A4 sheets lengthwise, ½ common A4 sheets, ½ legal sheets, bill size, and a full sheet of A4 sideways. Book presses are sanded smooth, but no other finish is applied.


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